Sunday, May 15, 2011

it's the way you do the things you do

It's Sunday, and I'm all done with exams and RMUN presentation, so I am happy. Yayyyy. Anyway, my RMUN team's coming anytime to get some stuff done so in the meanwhile...

1. I got my Olympus. WAKAKAKA.
2. I'm down for Emath re-exam.

And and and, I'm currently reading Paper Towns by John Green which is so far absolutely fantastic. John Green has the cutest baby ever, too. :D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


okai okai as always this blog is being neglected. but there's a perfectly good reason why.
I am a traitor.

i've been blogging on my wordpress for the past few days. why?
because only two people know the link.
amanda wants to keep secrets now :D

K BYE LOVES; study hard for myes!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

i got better things to do besides sit around and wait for you.

i'm happy today, no idea why though. i should be doing chinese and i'm supposed to have it done by 9 but i'm so so so so lazy grrrrr. exams are coming OHNOES, and i'm less than barely prepared. D: HOW? DIE.

aiyoyyyy i hate how exams always clash with my birthday ): but at least this yr 9th may is a holiday, so i get to semi-celebrate on the 8th :D

I WANT AN OLYMPUS PEN E-PL 2. (i know i know the way i structure my post is so random but i type whatever comes to mind) SO YEAH. I WENT TO CHECK IT OUT WITH MY DADDY YESTERDAY. and it's so pretty i want to cry.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


omg i haven't blogged in so long i barely even remember my own blog link. oops. HAHAHA SIGHHHH
i'll be surprised if anyone still reads my blog oh lawdy lawd.

S2 has been a blast, i lurrrrve you guise so so so sooooo much :D
awesomest class EVAHHHRRRR *random dancing*

fun fair's in like two days holy moly! can't wait excited maxxxxx. my class is doing haunted house hurhurhur we're so awesome like that. everyone should come :D


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


joe brooks :D:D:D
i don't care what trey thinks, joe brooks looks hot in that video.

SO! updates~~~
1. i'm sick. flu, sore throat, fever, yadayada. and i feel. like. shit.
2. my wrist is still horrible. i can't write for another week at least, and i can't do sports for six weeks. HOLY GUACAMOLE I'M GOING TO GET FAT.
3. i'm super glad everyone's back from OBS, oh gosh i missed my classmates
4. i'm going to vietnam this saturdayyyy! so don't text me till tues unless someone's dying. (:

say no to killing sharks for their fins. ♥

Thursday, March 3, 2011

from my tumblr ^^

today was actually, admittedly, surprisingly a pretty good day. we went to fort canning for some amazing race thingamabob, and my grp was damn slow so it was hilarious. then we went back to sch and had debrief, and my grp all mabok so we were literally rofling. omg we lurrrrrrrve ah chek (serial killer).

then then then, priya and i were walking to the bus stop but it was raining so heavily it was like the heavens opened up and wanted to use earth as a giant swimming pool so i was literally hugging her so we’d both be sheltered by the umbrella. but behold, the umbrella was so. damn. useless. RAIN WAS COMING FROM EVERYWHERE! and we were getting soaked despite it’s futile attempts to keep us even remotely dry. about 300m away from the bus stop, i suppose it couldn’t stand the pressure of failure anymore and so, the umbrella rebelled. it literally flipped. but the both of us were so drenched we decided it was super redundant so we just ran to the bus stop awkwardly. i’ll bet we looked like penguins.

at the bus stop we were shivering. it was so fudgecakingly cold that it wasn’t cold. i swear to god, the winds were out to get us. even the bus was warmer than standing at the stop.

i hope that i’ll catch a cold and get a fever, so this eventful trip home won’t go to waste. LET ME SKIP SCHOOL TOMORROWWWWWWWW.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


most hated words of the day: "not up for discussion"

i'm so overwhelmed with frustration that i almost feel inclined to place my fist on a wall with high approaching velocity, thus resulting in great impact. k just kidding.

i can't understand it. why won't they at least let me state my point before they come to a conclusion. maybe whatever i say won't make a difference. or maybe i'm too immature to make a logical point so it's a waste of time for me to open my mouth to say anything. haha for the first time in my life, they'd rather i do something other than study. someone explain it to me, because i can't understand it.

and the worst part is i can't really do anything about any of this. as always i'll have to just listen to them, and do whatever they tell me to. why? - because i respect them. and no matter how pissed i am, i don't want to argue with anybody. i remember a few days ago i had a conversation with them about attitude. lmfao they said i don't talk back, but i show them plenty of attitude by body language. so what are they saying now? that i'm not allowed to show it when i'm unhappy at all? or is it that i'm just not allowed to disagree? am i not allowed to have differing opinions? or am i just not allowed to even express it sub-consciously at all? okayokay yes. that is completely reasonable. it's okay for them to yell at me for something i either didn't do, or is so minor that it barely even matters just because they're having a bad day, but i'm not allowed to emanate negative vibes when i'm less than ecstatic. maybe this is just how society works. you listen to the authority, and whatever they say goes.

maybe they forget that i'm human. idk.

dear Lord please give me patience. truckloads of patience. help me to understand where they're coming from, and give me control over the words that come out from my mouth, vibes that i give off, and whatever else i may need to maintain peace.

pfffffffffffft i wanna pull my hair out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

bring me the horizon

this is me, attempting to revive my coma-ed blog.
i've been so busy that i don't even realize time passing, it's that bad.
but at least my class is wonderful (:
no drama, just love for everybahhdayyy. ♥

but lately my insecurities resurfaced.
kinda feels like i'm not good enough to match up with some people :/
i don't like the feeling. at all.
valentine's day is coming too,
maybe that's what sparked it in the first place.

life goes on.

and it's getting better; at least i'm letting go of things i can't control (kind of)

i sound so stone and emo omgzxzxzxzxz


Sunday, January 16, 2011


i'm mad tired now but i'm gonna post because i haven't in a mighty long time.

school is kinda really awesome
i love my class omg...singing session on the second week of school ♥
messed up family trees too ;)
my teachers are all pretty wonderful too >D

stacy's bday is cominggggg
her party was yesterday and oh my goodness gracious me, her house is huge.

had cell this morn. we played poker. HAHAHAHAHAHA so much for being a good church kid (:

Friday, December 31, 2010

My one mistake was that I never let you down.


i'm actually kinda excited though, since i've been rotting away at home. and my classmates next yr are kinda really awesome.

since today was nye, my dad decided we should do something "outoftheordinary" so we went to botanic gardens to...idk. feed fish this morn. ansel and i just ran round and round and round (even though i'm not supposed to heh.) but i'm alive! so that's good. :D

then i spent the rest of the day doing hw.
ummmm, for those interested, i've finished the 35 questions for math and all the eng and lit stuff. WHO'S IMPRESSED? i mean cmon. i'm the girl who didn't even finish june's hw. and LOOK! it's not even the last day of hols and i'm already almost done.

i'll finish everything by tmr anyway. :D

i'm brain dead now.
like a zombie.